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1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000 Plymouth Breeze, Dodge Stratus, Chrysler Cirrus battery check and maintenance

1. Tools and materials required for battery maintenance:

Face shield/safety goggles: when removing corrosion with the brush, the acid it particles can easily fly up into your eyes

Baking soda: a solution of baking soda and water can be used to neutralize corrosion

Petroleum jelly: a layer of this on the battery post will help prevent corrosion

Battery post/cable cleaner: this wire brush cleaning tool remove all traces corrosion from the battery posts and cable clamps

This section applies the side mount batteries only

Treated felt washers: placing one of these on each post directly under the cable clamps will help prevent corrosion

Puller: sometimes a cable clamps are very difficult to pull off the posts, even after the nut/bolt has been completely loosened. This tool pulls a clam straight up and off the post without damage

Battery post/cable cleaner for sidemount: here's another cleaning tool which is slightly different version but it does the same thing

Rubber gloves: another safety on the consider was sent when servicing the battery remember that's acid inside the battery

Servicing and maintenance: a routine preventive maintenance program for the battery in your vehicle is only way to ensure quick and reliable starts. But before performing any battery maintenance, make sure that you have the proper equipment necessary to work around the battery

Before servicing the battery always turn the engine and all accessories often disconnect the cable from the negative terminal

The battery on these vehicles is usually located inside the wheel well on the left front fender

Remove the battery from the vehicle

Inspect the external condition of the battery, and check the battery case for cracks or other damage

Inspect the external condition of the battery checked the battery case for cracks or other damage paragraph clean the battery terminals and cable connections thoroughly with a wire brush or terminal cleaner in the solution of warm water and baking soda wash the terminals and the top of the battery case with the same solution but make sure that the solution doesn't get into the battery. When cleaning the cables, terminals and battery top, wear safety goggles and rubber gloves prevent any solution from coming into contact with your eyes or hands. Where old close to-even diluted, sulfuric acid splashes on the close and will burn holes in them. Thoroughly wash all cleaned areas with plain water

Inspect the battery carrier. If his dirty or covered with corrosion, clean it with the same solution of warm water and baking soda and rinse it with clean water

If the battery is a maintenance type, it has removable cell caps which allow you add water to the battery when the electrolyte level gets low use distilled water only

If you are not sure what type of battery you have, one simple way to confirm your type of battery is to look for a built-in hydrometer. Most maintenance free batteries have built-in hydrometer's indicate the stay of the charter by the color displayed in the hydrometer window since measuring the specific gravity of the electrolyte is not possible. Also check for cutouts near the cell's-if the caps can be removed, cutouts are usually provided to assist with prying off the caps.

If your battery is a maintenance type remove the cell's and check the level of the electrolyte. If the level is low, add distilled water, (distilled water is mineral free, tap water contains minerals that will shorten the life of your battery), to bring the electrolyte up to the proper level
next check the entire length of each battery cable for cracks, worn insulation and freight conductors replace the cable and/or cables if necessary,

And re-install the battery

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