Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Power windows on BMW do not work or go up and down

Power window installationImage by modenadude via FlickrThe problem for the day is the power windows on a BMW will not work or go up and down. Here is a few tips to send you in the right direction for finding the problem with the power windows on a BMW. Here is some quick information on the type of BMW that we will be discussing: VEHICLE:  1995 BMW 318is Base 1.8L, L4, MFI, DOHC, VIN -, Eng Desg M42
MILEAGE:  193000
Problem: power windows and sunroof do not work on a BMW.
Here are some quick tests to help you determine why the power windows and sunroof do not work on your BMW.

Tests:1. If the door windows drop down on a coupe or convertible when opening the door, the window motors work. Check for proper ground through the starter solenoid on pin 12, Black/Green wire, of X10182 connector at the general module. If there is no ground on that wire, the general module will think the starter is operating and will not allow sunroof or window operation from the switches.
2. Using a scan tool, try to operate the windows and sunroof directly from the scan tool. The scan tool can also check for fault codes in the general module. The general module controls window and sunroof operation. Fuses 14, 19 and 43 are critical for window operation.
3. Switches can be checked with a scan tool to verify proper input to the general module. The switches can be manually checked by looking for a ground signal from the switches at the control module. Pins 6 and 7 at connector x13254, Purple/White and Black/White wires go to the front driver's switch from the control module.
4. The motors can be checked for proper operation by supplying power and ground to the window motors at pins 6 and 13 of connector x13253, Purple/White and Black/White wires.

Potential Causes: Defective General Module
Damaged Wiring
Blown Fuse
Confirmed Fix:
Repaired Starter Solenoid Wiring: Wiring from the general module to the starter solenoid was not being grounded properly. Had to provide ground on the wire and the windows and sunroof worked from the switches after that.

I hope this short article helps you find the reason why the power windows and or sunroof do not work on your BMW

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