Saturday, August 1, 2009

Before you take your Vacation, Keep this in mind

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Winter is again a short step away. But before you take your gear out of the closet
and set off for the charms as well as excitement of that well-deserved sea shore
trip, clear a couple of things, first. Make sure the exhaust
of your ride is well and truly up for the sweaty clutch of the days
that are certain to plague you for quite a bit of a spell. If you have an imperfect
acquaintance with the exhaust
and often shake your head, wondering what it does in there, now's as
good a time as any to play catch-up. The exhaust
is the part of your engine that sees to two chief functions: one, it
gets rid of the lethal gases emitted by the engine and two, it reduces the degree
of noise that inevitably results when the gases make their way out of the car's

Do you know what happens when gas seepage into the passenger compartment occurs?
Nausea, headaches as well as heightened irritability are common. On the other
hand, inhaling a goodly amount of dosage can also cause an alarming loss of
consciousness and in extreme cases, even death. This bit right here is quite
important to remember. After all, we all have a penchant for staying inside
the car when the heat gets too high. Cooking awhile under the sun and getting
a tan is fine but turning into a reddened lobster doesn't go quite well with
one's notion of making merry in the summer. Neither is suffering from sunburns
or skin cancer.

With that said, it is imperative that we make sure the passenger compartment
won't have any gas seepage mishaps or we may find ourselves in an uncomfortable
fix. And driving while the windows are down, which is one way to prevent any
gas seepage from turning into a potential danger is not something most of us
wish to contemplate, much less endure when the temperature is a near-hundred
degree. Sweating your way through a workout is productive. Sweating while sitting
inside your car is not, especially when you're on your way to work or out for
a family picnic with three squabbling kids in the backseat.

One surefire way to know if your exhaust
is already in need of immediate part replacements is excessive noise
when gases escape from your muffler.
The noise may indicate worn patches in the tubes somewhere within. These are
torn areas through which the gases escape. If you happen to hear this with a
bit of regularity, better start a more thorough inspection of your exhaust
as soon as possible.

You may have a defective catalytic
or a series of faulty exhaust pipes in your ride. If your system
still stays buggy after you've satisfactorily seen to these concerns, then maybe
you ought to get new Oxgen sensor mufflers to go with the rest. Remember, when
checking the system, do a careful job of it. Inspect the entire exhaust assembly.
See the exhaust manifolds for any damages, the pipes, the resonator, tailpipe
and miscellaneous clamps as well as brackets. If any of these parts have sustained
damages of the critical sort, don't just diddle around in your haunches. Set
out to acquire the proper replacements immediately. You don't know when you'll
require the full talents of your exhaust
and exhaust system components, especially during the warm days of
summer. You don't want to be driving with your windows down, squinting in the
heat and glare simply because your exhaust
is having trouble keeping up.

Not to mention the fact that you are also adding to the pollutants in the atmosphere
by cruising around with leaky exhaust pipes or tubes. Is there a reason this
matters? Yes, especially in connection to appreciating the oh-joys of summer.
See, pollutants that clog up the air rise to the atmosphere where they proceed
to destroy the ozone layer. The thinning out of the ozone and emergence of holes
in it, as we know and are all aware of, both contribute to the increasing count
of skin cancer and other epidermal woes in the populace due to the preponderance
of harmful UV rays. If this continues, more and more people will be less than
likely to grow thrilled with the prospect of beach outings and then where would
that leave us? Our summers will never be the same again.

You see then. No matter how convoluted, long-winded or round-about it is, how
you see to your exhaust system plays a significant part in the scheme of things
in this world. Aint that grand? So do your part but well.

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