Monday, June 8, 2009

How do you replace the spark plugs on Contour and Mystique?

Changing your spark plugs is crucial for optimal engine performance and best fuel economy. Here at The Wright Import, we want to help

For the 2.5l v6:

There are 3 things that get in the way of the spark plugs
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  1. The plastic cover piece on the front - three 7 or 8mm bolts to remove
  2. The box underneath that cover - 4 8mm bolts
  3. The coil pack - this one can be left in place, but for the effort to remove the 4 7mm bolts, it was well worth in my book. Having it loose also made it a bit easier to replace the plug wires


  • use a 3/4" plug socket on a 6" extension
  • put a piece of duct tape around the socket extension / socket joint to keep them together.
  • Use silicone / di-electric grease on the plugs and both ends of the wires.
  • A bit of anti-seize on the plug threads won't hurt either
  • Don't over-torque the spark plugs
    - don't remember exactly what the torque specification is, but it's lower than I would have thought - snug them in tight, but don't "crank" them down hard (sorry to be so darned technical there ;))
  • Do the spark plugs
    one-at-a-time! Helps prevent getting the firing order messed up.
  • Plug gap: .054

The rest of it is pretty logical in terms of removing the spark plug, setting up its replacement (grease, anti-seize, etc) and putting the new one in.

Parts Train

It was a whole lot easier than my 98 Sable 24v V6, and the 2001 Windstar. 30 minutes, a bit longer if you're doing the wires while you're at it.

Opinion: I prefer the Motorcraft brand spark plugs
- enough people who know more than me continue to encourage the manufacturer's brand to be convincing.


the spark plug
wires are very easy to replace. They are right on top of the engine and go down into holes right on the top of the valve cover. With the engine not running, unplug each wire from both ends, and replace each one at a time. I recommend you do this one at a time to prevent crossing the wires up. Each terminal on the coil assembly is matched to a particular cylinder, so you have to get the right coil terminal attached to the right spark plug. You will also notice that the replacement wires are different lengths, so as you remove each wire, install the same length replacement wire.


on a 2.5 v6 you will have to remove the intake manifold, to do this remove the plastic cover by the oil fill (water pump cover), then the intake bolts on top, the hoses on the intake (2 on top one on pip sensor, one to pvc valve) then remove the throtle cable bracket along with the intake hoses (from air filter) then remove the 2 bolts witch hold the egr valve to the intake manifold. unplug the 3 sensors (egr, tps and pip) lift up on the manifold, you will need to pull it towards the passenger side to get it out from under the egr valve. you will now see your spark plugs
and wires 3 in front 3 in back. inspect your intake gasket before reinstalling your manifold. replace if needed. DO NOT USE RTV silicon gasket. -nius


If you have the FOUR CYLINDER 2.0l engine, the spark plugs
are under a black plastic cover that is about 24" long right on top of the engine. You can see the spark plug wires that come out of the distributor located on the right side of the engine ( as you face it ), and they go under this cover. 8-10 screws must be removed to take the cover off, as well as a grommet for a sensor on the left side that can be pushed back up the wire harness once it is popped off the black cover.

The spark plugs
are under some long connectors that also seal the pocket that the plug is located in. Be careful because oil and debris collect around the plugs and can drop into the combustion chamber when the plug is removed. It took several minutes to burn off all the oil that got into the combustion chambers the last time I changed plugs on my Mystique.
Also note that there are TWO DIFFERENT PART NUMBERS on the original spark plugs
, but the Motorcraft specification now lists only one plug for use in all cylinders.


is it a v6? because if it is good luck,if its an ecotech than remove the top of the valve cover and they are under the "DI"direct ignition assy.if its a v6 it sure is possible but u will ahve to remove the neccesary components to get at them and the back 3 are the worst.

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