Monday, February 9, 2009

Does fuel injection cleaning work

The answer to that is most definitely yes. Deposit build-up can and will cause major problems! Without your realizing it, the response and performance that made your new car so much fun have slowly drained away. Deposits that build up in the fuel and air induction systems of the engine have robbed your car of its agility and excitement. Modern engines are finely tuned and extremely sensitive to deposits that accumulate on intake valves, intake ports, fuel injectors and combustion chambers.
Deposits in the fuel induction system cause drive-ability problems such as hesitation, surge, stall, hard starting, rough idle and loss of power.

The correct balance of fuel and air entering the combustion chamber is vital to engine performance. The air throttle body assembly controls the air flow into the intake ports where the air mixes with atomized fuel and swirls into the combustion chamber. Heavy deposits build-up on the back side of the throttle plate, around and behind the plate and in the idle air control. Deposits in the air induction system cause rough engine idle, excessive exhaust emissions and loss of performance.

Correct fuel/air ratio can be maintained only when the fuel and air induction systems are clean and free of deposits

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